31 Aug 2013

Think think think

As I posted before I was thinking about doing WoW screenshot a day and that tomorrows word was Together. Now I´ve been thinking about what I should use as my motive. Well all I can say it was a bit harder than I thought, mostly because I don´t want to do a screenshot of "we are doing this together". But I think I got what I want to find as a motive. The question  now is... Where the fudge do I find that motive?! If any of my guild mates was online I would ask them to help me out, but at the moment I´m the only one online. Oh.. Perhaps I don´t need a guild mate for this... IF I can make it work.. Guys! Why aren´t you online so I can do some fun stuff? Oh well..
You will see tomorrow what i choosed and if it works.
So I´ll be working on my idea now then so I don´t need to worry tomorrow. 

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