1 Sep 2013

WoWscreenshotaday Day 1

                                         So todays word was together
So yesterday I tried to think up something speciall for todays screenshot. It did not work out as I planned. Fudge... So I tried the same thought but in another way. Don´t really know if it came out as a good picture, but hey. It´s my first time doing this so I might not be as good as the others yet.

What I came up with after some pondering at the word together was... Together at last/Finaly together. So for this screenshot my now lvl 50 undead warlock had to go back home to Tirisfal Glades and meet an old friend. At first I thougth about taking a picture in another way and setting, but I couldn´t make it work. Oh well... Time to look up what tomorrows word is and look for a place, object, ect that fits that word. 

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