26 Aug 2013


Today is the first day of the Druidweek and my really low leveld druid gets to level up. She´s a Troll Druid and her name is Ershin. Some of you might now where I´ve got that name from and some of you might not. As I said she´s low leveld as she´s only level 8. I started her mostly to make sure the name would be mine. I´m currently thinking about making her into a feral kitty as main spec and perhaps try out battlegrounds. She´ll have a PvE spec as well since I can´t stop doing dungeons and raids. 
I found out about the list of different weeks to play your alt of that class on twitter thanks to the people of the big WoW community that exist on Twitter. Last week was Deathknight and I sadly didn´t play that much on my Deathknight as I perharps would liked. My Priest has been in the center a bit now since she´s my second level 90 and I want to get good gear for her. But right now she has to wait as my Druid gets the time she deserves. 
So this week will contain posts about Ershins journy from level 8 to which level she ends up on Sunday. Pictures will be taken and ofcurse posted as I write about her journy. 
Why I chose Troll and not Tauren? Well. My Hunter and my first level 90 is a Troll and I fell in love with the race. 
And bada bing. Ding! She became level 10. Now time to choose feral spec twink her up (she´ll be my first character I´ve ever twinked) and try out some BG. Oh how will this go?
Oh well.. Just try and if I die I die right.. 
Till the next time i write

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