27 Aug 2013

Druidweek day 2

So today it´s day two of Druidweek and my Druid will be doing BGs again. It´s fun to run around in prowl and jump on the enimes. As a level 11 it feels a bit wrong to be in a group in a BG when everybody else is level 14. I don´t feel smal at all... No way... Yeah I feel a bit small since they kill me... Alot... But it´s still fun and will perhaps be more fun when she´s a higher level. 
While I´m waiting to get into a BG I try and level up Ershins professions. She got Skinning and Leatherworking as her professions, mostly since I felt that was fitting for a druid. 
I hope that I can get her to lvl 13 by doing BGs. But I´m starting to wonder if doing BGs and wanting to level up works well together? I´m used to doing quests and dungeons to gain levels. So I´m in a way feeling that doing BGs isn´t giving me the exp I want. So I´ve got a question for you who are used to doing BGs... When you where a tiny, what ever class you´re playing BGs with, did you ONLY do BGs to level up or did you do quests as well? And how did you get new gear? The only PvP gear I´ve seen sold for Honor poinst are for higher levels. I gladly take any help I can get since the most of the ones in the guild I´m in don´t do BGs and PvP. 
Well she´s now lvl 12 thanks to me trying to level up her professions. 

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