31 Aug 2013

I will try

I follow a few interesting people on twitter that share my interest in WoW and I´ve seen how many of them are taking screenshots for something they call WoW screenshot a day. Tomorrow is 1st of september and a new month of WoW screenshot a day starts and I´ve been thinking about trying it out. It doesn´t seem to be that hard, just take a screenshot of smoething that fits the days word or phrase. Tomorrows word is Together so time to think that one out. Hm.. Well we just have to see tomorrow if I found something out, since I´ll be posting the screenshots here as well as on twitter. 
Well it´s soon time for me to become the chef for the house for today. Hopefully it will go alright. The name of the dish is called Africana in swedish and is basically ground meat and a sauce on top with a lot of spices. Really tasty when done right. So I hope I don´t burn anything. 
I might write another post a little later when I´m playing WoW and tell you about how it goes for my priest healing in ToT LFR. 
Well untill next time I write I say Lok´tar Ogar! 

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