29 Aug 2013

Coins and bonus roll

Thanks to some help from people on twitter I came to understand why I couldn´t do bonus rolls in the first raids. The coins I needed I lacked. They were not given as they was before and now I have to try get them by the one-man scenario on Isle of Thunder. First I have to find the key that lets me run the one-man scenario. So to Isle of Thunder I go. Not what I had planned to do today, but if I want a chanse to get that staff an other things, it is what I need to do. But first see if I can buy a new trinket for VP to my Priest. I´ve got 3000 VP on her at the moment.. So of I go tho the factions that I have some good rep with. So far Shado-pan leads with trinkets with Int but I´m after ones with Spirit if I can find. Oh well... That I didn´t find.. Do will get one of the Int at the moment so my VP gets lower so I can do my quests and look for keys. I want to be able to do bonus rolls on Lei Shi so I can get the staff I want. 
Okay.. So I bought a trinket with Int from Shado-pan... Guess what.. I can do ToT now. I´m freaking out. Why? Since I somehow know I´ll die trying to heal there. But I want the gear so.. 
To ToT later today then.. But first the one-man scenario. I found a chest that I could open without any key and what did I find in there? You guessed right! A key for the one-man scenario! So now I´ve got 13 Elder Charms on my Priest. Onward to ToES and hope for my staff! 


  1. I had a similar issue and couldn't work out why I couldnt bonus roll on anything. Even now I quite often get into LFR to find I don't have the right coins for it :(
    ToES is my favourite raid so far - it's really fun & pretty but I feel bad attcking Lei Shi!

  2. So do I. So many other players rant about that they hate the encounter, but I love it. Lei Shi is so cute and I think it is fun that it isn´t just a tank and spank boss. And she dropps the staff I want for my priest. Perhaps she will dropp it soon