1 Aug 2014

Not gone.. Just taking a break

As you might have noticed I haven´t posted here for quite some time now. Well to be honest I haven´t had much time to write or actually felt like it.
At the moment I´m currently working at a summerjob or how it´s called in English. This takes a lot of my time during the workdays which means I don´t have that many hours at home to do stuff.
At work I sit behind a screen for ruffly seven and a half hours which makes me not that interessed to turn my own on when I get home. So at the moment I´m having a WoW break and are now playing on our PS2, WII or my newly bought 3DS. Currently I´m trying to catch as many pokemons as I can or hunting ghosts with a vacume.
So as you might have understood now I won´t be posting about WoW for some time untill I find the energy and get my computer to work or buy a new one (it´s not working as it should). But I might be posting things about other games. Like perhaps about me hunting ghost with a vacume or me trying to save people by entering their dreams. I won´t go away don´t worry about that. I´ll just change subject at the time.
Oh and I´m sorry the post look weird. The work computer doesn´t let me write a post as I´m used to which means I can´t tinker with the post.
But as I said... I´ll still be here...

10 Feb 2014

What the fudge Blizzard?!

I was actually going to write about something else for this post but as I tried to log into WoW to start to try fixing the Achievements for “Love Is In The Air”. Guess what? I try to log in… Just when WoW is going to show my toons disconnection hits. Great…. I try two more times with the same result before getting a bit irritated. So instead of sitting in a LFG to do the killing of the special boss with my level 90s, I´m sitting here pouting.
Actually… I´m getting a bit or well.. A lot irritated on that Blizzard still haven´t really fixed the problem that have been causing a lot of lagspikes, failed and slow logins. It makes you wonder why someone as big as Blizzard haven´t fixed the problem that´s been going on for at least three weeks now.

What keeps me playing WoW after three years?

What keeps me playing after three years? Well it can easily be summed up with two words: The community. Yes I´m not sure that I would still play WoW if I hadn´t found so many fun and interesting people in this game. I wouldn´t imagine three years ago that I would be healing in flex raids or tanking in funrun raids with good friends. And I could never imagine that I would play Alliance when I stared as my heart belonged to the Horde at the start and my loyalty have been strong until about a half year ago when my Draenei prot paladin Xithras was “born”. Now when she´s 90 and I´m starting to fully feel comfortable in the tanking role and I´m not looking back. I won´t stop playing Horde as that´s a part of who I am.

1 Jan 2014

Yikes! WoWscreenshotady Day 15-31

I just remebered that I´m quite after with the WoWscreenshotaday challenge for December. Woops.. So I´m off to check what I need to make screenshots of and be back.

Day 15
The word of the day is Lights

Day 16
The phrase of the day is Makes you feel merry 
Seeing an "old" farmer still being able to laugh makes me feel merry

Day 17
The word of the day is Tree
So the Klaxxi celebrates Winters Veil? Or they just think that the tree´s pretty?

Day 18
The word of the day is Big
Well..... He... Or it sure is BIG

Day 19
The phrase of the day is ´Tis the season to...
This is the season to remeber our lost ones 

25 Dec 2013

Merry Christmas!!!

Should have posted this yesterday as in Sweden we celebrate christmas on the 24th. 
Hope you all got gifts that you´re glad about. I got a gift card at my favorite bookstore that I will hopefully spend tomorrow. 
Oh and my first posts about my toons that you will follow will hopefully be up on friday. This christmas thing have taken to much time from me to be able to write the posts. I haven´t forgotten you and the posts. 
Well see you on friday if I don´t get the time tomorrow. 

21 Dec 2013

Starting my idea

Thanks to Harpy I got the reasurence that writing and posting screenshots of me leveling a toon from lvl 1 to 90 would be readable my brain started to spinn a bit more on the idea. What if I used two characters? One on the Horde side and one on the Alliance side? Mostly because some quests the Horde or Alliance can´t do as it´s just for one faction. 
So today I start my idea by making the toons and presenting them here. At the moment I got other things to do as well like for example a Christmas card for you that will be posted both here and on my twitter. So far I haven understood how to link my tweets here yet but will soon ask one of my twitter friends how she did it on her blog. 
So now for the fun.. Which servers? Which races? And what class? 
So far I know that the Alliance toon will be on Lightbringer as I know that server is good and that the toon can go into the guild I created there for my toons and friends toons. The Horde toon... Well I´m not sure where to start that one. I know a few servers that I could use as I got friends on them but they´re both full servers and I´m not big on the idea of waiting to login. 

19 Dec 2013

What to write?

Since my computer didn´t really like me trying to stream me playing so I came up with what if I instead post my idea that I had for my stream instead? The idea was to start from lvl 1 and basicly level it up to max level mostly as I saw that most of the WoW streamers only streamed lvl 90 content. 
So how about you get to see screenshots of me leveling an alt from lvl 1 to 90 and I´ll write about the toons progression? Is that something that would be fun to read? 

I´m sitting here trying to think up things to post on the blog as only posting the WoWscreenshotaday challenge makes the blog seem a bit empty. 
Might do posts about other stuff too. Thinking about making one for Diablo 3, but not sure what to write in it. Any ideas?