5 Sep 2013

20 days of WoW - Day 2

So day 2 of this and the question for today are: 

The biggest jerk you´ve dealt with (in game)?

Well I´ve met my share of jerks in WoW that you can be sure of. Mostly people that only care of how much damage you do, how you heal/tank/dps, blame you (healer) when it was tank or dps fault for wipe, and ect. It stings at first but a few seconds later you don´t care or at least try to. I can sadly say that one of the jerks I´ve met during my time in WoW was in our guild. He was one of those that thought that he knew everything about every class and knew how you should play it. He jumped on me about my hunter and told me that I shouldn´t play that spec because it wasn´t the best one of the hunter specs. Calmly told him that I played which spec I wanted since it was my character and not his right? I´ve gotten to know after from other guild members that I wasn´t the only he jumped on. I´m not ashamed to say that I was glad when I saw that he left the guild. The jerks that really makes me itch are the ones that think you should kick someone from the group only because he´s new to the position he has and is in game terms a noob. I really want to give them the boot. How can they learn if they get thrown out all the time for beeing a noob? 
Alright I´ll stop with my ranting and let you rest your eyes until tomorrow when more stuff comes :)

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