6 Sep 2013

20 days of WoW - Day 3

So it´s day three of this and todays question is: 
A class that you´re awful at playing

Well... That one is not that easy to answer. At one time it was Rouge since I didn´t understand the whole think about going into stelth and stabbing the bad guys. Then I felt that I was awful at playing a Death Knight. And well.. I still am.. Same with the rouge. And I think I can throw Warrior in there too. Yeah I´m not that good with the meele classes. But I´m trying. Mostly since I don´t want to rule out a class just because it didn´t work out the first time I played it. Now I got a Death Knight that´s running around in Hellfire and I´m trying to understand which spells/skills to throw at what time. And I can say with a hand on my heart that Death Knights aren´t that bad.. And that might be the next class I level up. But at the moment I feel that my playing of her is to awful to even try doing dungeons. 


  1. I used to have the same problem with melee classes, I still struggle with warriors and rogues! I refuse to give up though and will keep trying to level one until it clicks and I enjoy it more ^^ (As an example I think I had levelled and deleted about 10 Death Knights before I finally enjoyed one enough to level it to end game ^^)

  2. I, too, struggle with melee. The first two classes I leveled were a mage & hunter so I was fully into the standing back and killing style of ranged.
    My DK is level 90 and I do play her but it takes a good few scenarios/dungeons/play time for me to feel comfortable playing her again. I often forget that I need to right up in the action and stand back thinking 'why can't I do anything?'.