4 Sep 2013

20 days of WoW - Day 1

Yes it´s time for me to do this as well. I´ve seen this on a few other WoW blogs and got a bit intressed in it. And as well it´s a way for me to have post do write for 20 days. So here we go!

Day 1 - Introduction
Well.. I´m a girl that in a month dings 23. Yeah I said dings and not that I´ll become a year older. As some of you might already understood Salvira is an alias and not my real name. Who names their child Salvira? Anyhow... I´m from Sweden and yes I´m blonde with blue eyes. And noooooo. My name is not Olga or Helga.. That´s Germany... I´ve already given you a hint on my real name on WoWscreenshotaday day 2. Err.. I don´t really know what to write. I live with my parents, little brother, our dogs and cats. I´m a Hordie at heart and have been for... Err.. How long ago was it that Cataclysm came out? Memory is good... Just sometimes really short... My love for World of Warcraft actually comes from playing Warcraft when I was younger. Both Warcraft 2 and 3. Though when I played Warcraft 2 my big brother helped me out alot. When I was around ten me and a friend started playing Diablo 2 and that did it for me. I started loving Blizzards games.. Well except for Starcraft.. That never won me over. 
Well... I think that might be what you get today. If I saw right you´ll be getting more info about me in the comming 20 days. (I´m not good at writing about myself)

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