1 Aug 2014

Not gone.. Just taking a break

As you might have noticed I haven´t posted here for quite some time now. Well to be honest I haven´t had much time to write or actually felt like it.
At the moment I´m currently working at a summerjob or how it´s called in English. This takes a lot of my time during the workdays which means I don´t have that many hours at home to do stuff.
At work I sit behind a screen for ruffly seven and a half hours which makes me not that interessed to turn my own on when I get home. So at the moment I´m having a WoW break and are now playing on our PS2, WII or my newly bought 3DS. Currently I´m trying to catch as many pokemons as I can or hunting ghosts with a vacume.
So as you might have understood now I won´t be posting about WoW for some time untill I find the energy and get my computer to work or buy a new one (it´s not working as it should). But I might be posting things about other games. Like perhaps about me hunting ghost with a vacume or me trying to save people by entering their dreams. I won´t go away don´t worry about that. I´ll just change subject at the time.
Oh and I´m sorry the post look weird. The work computer doesn´t let me write a post as I´m used to which means I can´t tinker with the post.
But as I said... I´ll still be here...

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