10 Feb 2014

What the fudge Blizzard?!

I was actually going to write about something else for this post but as I tried to log into WoW to start to try fixing the Achievements for “Love Is In The Air”. Guess what? I try to log in… Just when WoW is going to show my toons disconnection hits. Great…. I try two more times with the same result before getting a bit irritated. So instead of sitting in a LFG to do the killing of the special boss with my level 90s, I´m sitting here pouting.
Actually… I´m getting a bit or well.. A lot irritated on that Blizzard still haven´t really fixed the problem that have been causing a lot of lagspikes, failed and slow logins. It makes you wonder why someone as big as Blizzard haven´t fixed the problem that´s been going on for at least three weeks now.
This is the first day since it happened that I haven´t been able to log in since it happened, but I´ve experienced big lagspikes and SLOW logins during the other days. Sure.. I play on a laptop, but it ran WoW without big trouble before and our net isn´t that bad.. And it can´t be my laptop and net causing me having problems when others with real gaming computers as well experience the problems. I´m wondering as well if Blizzard will compensate their players as this problem have been stopping some from playing and making them sit and see their gametime tick away. I´m not saying that they should compensate us with something big, but a few of those days that we have seen tick away because the game wouldn´t run or you barely being able to do anything in game(heard about some not even being able to log out when it went bad). I still love Blizzard and what they do, but as a WoW player that pays every two months to be able to play I actually want to be able to play when I´ve paid for it.

I´ll stop my ranting now… Just felt like I needed to write to calm myself down as this have been irritating me for some time now. 
Hopefully my next post will be on a much happier subject

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