7 Sep 2014

#WoWScreenshotADay September day 1-7

I´m back!
Got a new laptop that seems to run WoW fine enough so I´m gonna go back to doing #WoWScreenshotADay. I still got my work(just got three more months. Yaay) but starting to feel the energy to sit and play for about two hours or so when I get home.
So lets get on with the screenshots:

Day 1
"In my cup"
"What´sin my cup? Dare I drink it?"

Day 2

Day 3
"Where´s the button on this ting?"

Day 4
"If you want food you have to do it yourself"

Day 5
"Upside down"

Day 6 
"I need..."
"I need better dance moves.. And fast"

Day 7

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