10 Feb 2014

What keeps me playing WoW after three years?

What keeps me playing after three years? Well it can easily be summed up with two words: The community. Yes I´m not sure that I would still play WoW if I hadn´t found so many fun and interesting people in this game. I wouldn´t imagine three years ago that I would be healing in flex raids or tanking in funrun raids with good friends. And I could never imagine that I would play Alliance when I stared as my heart belonged to the Horde at the start and my loyalty have been strong until about a half year ago when my Draenei prot paladin Xithras was “born”. Now when she´s 90 and I´m starting to fully feel comfortable in the tanking role and I´m not looking back. I won´t stop playing Horde as that´s a part of who I am.

During my three years playing I´ve seen both the bad and the good people. And sadly some of the rotten people too. Those people wouldn´t have affected me as much as they did if they hadn´t been the people I shared a guild with. I had people in the guild telling me how I should play my toons. The best way to get those to stop was “barking” at them, take a screenshot of it and reporting to the GuildMaster. Boom.. They got a warning.
Thanks to the rotten people that once lead a guild I was in I got to see how a too close group of friends can ruin the guild. None in that guild that didn´t belong to that friendship group wasn´t sadly allowed to join the raidgroup. Sadly that started a lot of drama in the guild between all the members. I left that guild when I felt that I couldn´t take anymore drama as nothing was taken care of. 
But thanks to my bad experiences I now know what I look after in a guild and also what to look after in new people to play with. 
As to close of the post…. I have to say that you´ll sadly will meet asshats on both factions. At least I have. But as I´ve said I have also met a lot of friendly and nice people that makes me think that there isn´t just mean players out there.

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