2 Nov 2013

WoWscreenshotaday November Day 1 and 2

So a new month has started and that also mean a new month of WoWscreenshotaday. 
I´m going to run this month again as I found it really fun.

Acording to the picture above first day was Fruit and second day was I did this today. As I didn´t post this yesterday that means that I´ll do both first and second day in this post.

Day 1 - Fruit
Well fruit. On the ground.. That´s how it´s in Sholazar Basin

Day 2 - I did this today
I tried to run Ulduar 25-man with some guildes this evening, but thanks to WoW really lagging for me for some reason I left and let the others have fun. 
Hopefully a scan and repair will do the trick =/

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