19 Jan 2014

A "short" post about my Final Fantasy experience

As those that knows me on Twitter know about me I´m a lover of the Final Fantasy series. So far I´ve played a bit of the following: FF 1, FF 2, FF 4, FF 6, FF 7, FF 8, FF 9, FF 10 and FF 10-2.
As Final Fantasy 11 went to being played on PC if I remember correctly the thought of it didn´t feel right to me so I stopped at playing 10-2. Sure I would be lying if I said that I haven´t been curious about the games after 10-2 as Final Fantasy has a special place in my heart.
Final Fantasy 8 was the first of them I got to try as my big brother had bought it for his/our PS1 and if I remember correctly Final Fantasy 8 was the first game I played on the PS1 too. All that gives Final Fantasy a sentimental value to me. I still remember how afraid I was to go and meet Ifrit and “catch” him for the first time. It was a fun learning experience to run thru his “dungeon” to finally meet him and kick his ass… 
Ifrit from FF8
With some help from my big brother of course. As my time with FF 8 grew I tried to get faster and faster with clicking the square button when I had summoned a Guardian Force to maximize their power done to the enemy. I remember the mistakes I have done under my time playing FF 8, like forgetting to draw Siren from Elvoret on the Dollet Radio Tower and climbing the wrong way when the prison collapses.. 
My next Final Fantasy was Final Fantasy 6 and I fell in love with the Moogles. Since then I´ve always have had a special place in my heart for those cute pink fluffy things.. 

In this game is also my most favorite video game song. The theme song of Therra. Don´t ask me why but for some reason this is my favorite video game song. Well moving on.. The bad guy in this game is called Kefka and looks like a clown.. Yeah I´m not pulling your leg.. He looks like a clown. And as a lot of the bad guys he wants world domination. Or have I understood his craziness wrong?  
Next Final Fantasy game I tried was Final Fantasy 9. The bad guy in this game doesn´t look like a clown but well.. He dresses weird too.. But story wise I think this game is my favorite of all the Final Fantasy games I´ve tried. My favorite character in this game is a tiny girl that´s a summoner and is all alone if you don´t count in all the moogles that she lives with. She´s a sweet girl whose story broke my heart when I meet her.

Which one of the games I tried after Final Fantasy 9 I´m not sure. I don´t remember that much from Final Fantasy 1 and 2, but remember some of Final Fantasy 4. However I didn´t play much on Final Fantasy 4 as it didn´t attract me as much as like say Final Fantasy 7 or 8 did.
Oh! I forgot Final Fantasy 7! I tried that one before Final Fantasy 9 and liked the game a lot and would like it more if they had left one character out. Sure it would ruin the story, but she was the blandest character ever in the Final Fantasy story.. Sorry all fans on Aerith but I didn´t like her at all. But for some freaking reason I liked the bad guy. Sadly he was a bad guy and with a mind that well.. Screams crazy guy.

I know the reason why after some research and I´m not going to tell you as it will ruin the game. Now let´s see… Ah! Final Fantasy 10. Didn´t play that much of that game either actually but what I´ve played and seen big brother play it´s a well-made game with a good story. The main characters hometown gets erased or what you want to call it by the bad “guy” in the game and he´s sent a 1000(?) years forward in time. I know… Sounds weird but since when have the Final Fantasy games been logical? 
If you want a more of a review on one of the ones I´ve been playing just leave a comment bellow of which one you would like me to write more about.

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